Delta goes green for roofing

Combining a water-retaining drainage sheet with an integrated geotextile, Delta-FLORAXX and FLORAXX TOP are recent additions to the extensive range of products from Delta Membrane Systems, and are already proving to be popular choices to provide perfect green roofs.

Used on inverted roofs to drain water from insulation panels and under accessible surfaces, Delta-FLORAXX’s breathable perforation and dimples allow water and air to circulate freely on the underside. This means no coherent film of water can form on the insulation

With Delta-FLORAXX TOP (a second option in the collection), there is the additional benefit of a filtration layer, eliminating the need for a separate laying operation

Ease and speed of installation is a huge benefit with both of these products, the sheet size of 20m x 2m for Delta-FLORAXX, while the FLORAXX Top option is supplied in 10m x 2.1m sheets (the extra 100mm geotextile width allows for overlap).

Capable of storing 7 litres/m2 of water as a reserve for periods of drought, Delta- FLORAXX/FLORAXX TOP are breathable and water permeable thanks to the perforation between the storage dimples. Other features include a compressive strength of 200kN/m2 thanks to its innovative octagonal dimples.

With green roof construction becoming increasingly popular in the UK, Delta-FLORAXX is the perfect solutions to bring the combination of strength, effective drainage, water storage and – with the FLORAXX-TOP option - filtration in one, easy to apply product.

To complement these drainage sheets, the company also offers Delta-Bio-Top Root Barrier – a protective layer confirming to the FLL guideline for gree roofs. This is supplied in rolls of 1.5m x 25m.

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