Delta-FM is On Air

While traditional damp proof membranes trap moisture and hold up work while the relative humidity of the concrete takes time to drop, Delta-FM from Delta Membrane Systems allows work to continue immediately after placement thanks to a special low stud profile.

One of the applications that benefits from Delta-FM is in the installation of underfloor heating – which is becoming an increasingly popular option for the householder.

This membrane isolates damp and contamination from the slab underneath, even if it is an old installation with no previous dpm, or a new pour, which is still ‘green’.

Traditional membranes have no air gap, making the total drying-out process of the slab time consuming. However, Delta-FM’s 3mm stud profile allows the membrane to effectively control the dampness, and eliminate the risk of contamination leeching from the concrete slab.

Once the membrane has been laid, work can immediately continue on the rest of the installation.

This slim profile also minimises changes in floor levels.

Made from virgin high-performance, high-density polyethylene, the membrane is supplied in rolls measuring 20m x 2m, and each roll features a 65mm flat tab on one side to lap and seal sheets.

Other features include good chemical resistance, zero root penetration, rot resistance, and the ability to operate in temperatures ranging from -30oC to +80oC.

A variety of floor finishes can be applied over the sheet. These include T&G wood sheets directly onto the membrane or on joists, 50mm screed, Ardex A35 fast drying screed, poured concrete, laminated floors, and old or new stone slabs.

All of these can be upgraded with thermal or sound insulation to conform to Approved Document L and Document E of the Building Regulations.

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