DECC minister takes break from Party conference break to put bioenergy centre stage

Decc Minister Greg Barker took a morning out of his busy conference schedule today to address the REA’s annual Bioenergy conference.

He described bioenergy as “the UK’s single most important renewable energy resource” on account of its flexibility and wide range of functions it can perform.  He said it is expected to contribute around a half of the UK’s renewable energy targets by 2020.

The Minister underlined that there is no silver bullet to solve our energy needs and that a wide range of renewable technologies are needed.  He spoke of giving the industry Transparency, Longevity and Certainty, in order to give investors in bioenergy sector confidence.

He then visited the exhibition to see various technologies, including equipment which cleans up biogas so that it can be injected into the gas distribution network.  He drove a new Volkswagen BioBug, fuelled by biogas, out of the exhibition centre and took a quick drive around Stoneleigh Park.

Gaynor Hartnell, Chief Executive of the REA said
“Greg Barker clearly understands the importance of bioenergy.  He expects its contribution to future energy needs to be massive.  He also sees it operating across all scales, from applications in households and the community, right up to large scale power plant.  He understands the industry has undergone a prolonged period of uncertainty, which should soon come to an end.  It’s great to see that bioenergy now looks set to get the political attention it deserves.”

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