Dampness gets on Quattro’s wick

To further enhance the dampness protection qualities from its Delta-Geo-Drain drainage sheet, Delta Membrane Systems now offers Delta-Geo-Drain Quattro.

Previously, the sheet was made up of a slip film, a dimpled sheet with integrated self-sealing edge, and a permanent-filtration geotextile.

With Quattro, the slip film features micro-perforation to allow any moisture between the film itself and the waterproofed substrate to permeate through.

This slip film now also has a fleece, or laminated cloth, between the film itself and the dimpled sheet. This fleece will soak-up the moisture, and then act as a wick to drain the moisture to the ground drainage.

Delta-Geo-Drain Quattro is a protection and drainage system which offers maximum safety for thick viscoplastic coatings – even if driving rain is able to penetrate through a poorly installed upper edge trim.

In a completely watertight system, this rainwater would exert hydrostatic pressure on the waterproof coating. However, the micro-perforated slip film which, along with the additional filter cloth, acts as a backup drainage layer behind the dimpled sheet to ensure water drains safely and effectively.

The slip film plays a further role – it prevents the transmission of movement to the waterproof coating.

Installation is simple and straightforward. Supplied in roll-form, Delta-Geo-Drain Quattro is applied to the waterproofed surface without any need for special grade backfill.

An integrated self-sealing edge ensures precise installation, and a specially design drainage/holding clip is also available to speed up the installation process and promote effective drainage.

It keeps water from accumulating between the thick coating and the slip film, effectively preventing the build-up of water pressure on the waterproof coating.

It has the added benefit of effectively draining off methane and radon gases.

Standard roll size for the Quattro is 12.5m x 2m, and it offers a compressive strength of some 400kN/m2. Suitable applications for the sheet are wide and varied. With the growing popularity of creating basements in properties, Delta-Geo-Drain Quattro is well suited to retro-fit and refurbishment applications.

It can also be used in a wide range of other domestic, commercial, industrial and retail applications, and is finding increasing popularity in the education and healthcare sectors where refurbishment of older properties necessitates effective damp proofing.

The product is also widely specified for new-build work where dampness could be a problem owing to the adjoining land or climate conditions.

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