CTC to launch new product at Renewables Roadshow

CTC is launching its new air source heat pump – the EcoWater - at the Renewables Roadshow in September. This follows the recent release of its most efficient ground source heat pump to date, the EcoHeat 300.

The EcoWater has a tank capacity of 258 litres, which is able to produce up to 800 litres of hot water every 24 hours. This means plenty of hot water for busy families or businesses. It also means savings on energy bills - the saving potential can be up to 65%.

The EcoWater heats hot water in two ways: either by using the latent or waste energy from the air in the room where it is placed, or via ducted connections from other areas of the building where waste heat is generated, or from outside. Incorporated into the control is the added option of solar connections for increased efficiency, boiler or heat pump back up and legionella control.

General Manager, Cliff Arnold, says, “The EcoWater is able to vastly reduce the cost of heating domestic water. The launch of this product demonstrates our commitment to the development of renewable products for the UK, and we look forward to launching it at the Renewables Roadshow.”

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