Cross Laminated Timber online CPD

Timber, especially CLT, is increasingly seen by architects as the healthy and sustainable answer to steel and concrete for structural applications. Companies supplying CLT panels will be happy to work closely with architects on their designs, but designing with timber requires a level of specific knowledge. That’s why Swedish Wood has launched a new RIBA-accredited multi-media online CPD course covering all the main structural topics, including Building with Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT), Building with Timber Frame, Other Engineered Products, Roofing, Joists and Flooring.

You can take it section by section, whenever and wherever you want. Once you have completed all sections and a successful assessment, you can print your CPD certificate.

The Building with Wood course, developed with the Timber Trade Federation and the Structural Timber Association, is available free on Wood Campus.

Other RIBA-accredited CPD courses available on Wood Campus include Wood in Interiors, Focus on Cladding, Procuring Sustainable Timber, Introduction to Windows, Deck Design & Installation and Wood Coatings & Preservatives. There’s even a special video version of the Procuring Sustainable Timber module presented by Dave Hopkins, Managing Director of the Timber Trade Federation.

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