Crittall launch InnerVision internal screens range

Architects and interior designers will now find it easier to get in touch with their inner vision, thanks to new developments at Crittall Windows.

The world leading steel windows and doors manufacturer has launched the InnerVision range of bespoke steel-framed internal screens that will create a new world of possibilities for opening up living, commercial, academic and retail spaces.

Combining precision engineering, elegant design and professional quality installation, InnerVision’s glazed walls will find favour in period buildings, former industrial settings or entirely modern structures.

Offering the strength, durability and ultra-slim profile which are the hallmark of the Crittall range of products the screens allow the sub-division of internal spaces without interrupting the transmission of light or reducing valuable space.

Meanwhile, a range of different acoustic glazing options means that a greater deal of privacy or reduced noise levels can be easily achieved. With InnerVision one can certainly be seen, but not heard.

Screens could be used to create quiet spaces in busy commercial offices, schools and colleges, or calm interiors in restaurants while hectic kitchens or bars are still in full view. 

Matching an existing décor presents no difficulty because the steel frames can be powder-coated to the customer’s choice of RAL or BS colours.

Each screen is created specifically to suit the application, panel shape or size, with single or double glazing using clear, decorative or obscure glass. Single or double opening doors can be fitted. 

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