Only available from Creda is the Credanet - an advanced, unique and patented electric heating system designed specifically for social housing and private developers. Creda have now announced Credanet II, building on the market leading success of the first central heating system for electric.

Credanet II provides total user control together with a significant reduction in carbon impact and fuel consumption, and has been heralded as the way forward in intelligent, economical and Part L compliant central heating for modern electric heating.

Credanet II has been designed to be easier to install and commission, while meeting new standards of energy efficiency as outlined in the Housing Energy Efficiency Best Practice Programme and revised Part L of the building regulations. Credanet II automatically uses the most efficient electricity tariff available, and typically saves the homeowner 15% over conventional electric storage heating.

Utilising Credanet II, homes can be divided into three independent zones, each individually controlled by the householder to ensure optimum heat usage in different areas, thus delivering the most efficient and cost effective method of electricity use. Combining this with instant adjustment and boost facilities in every zone and the new quick and easy installation has quickly made it a firm favourite of many professional installers.

At the heart of the system is the Credanet II programmer, which gives the householder total control over where, when and at what temperature heat is delivered, thus eliminating wastage; there is even a 90 day holiday facility. The programmer uses state of the art mains borne signalling to communicate with a range of appliances, such as Creda SFH storage fan heaters, TSR storage combination heaters or TPR panel heaters.

All Creda heating units are factory fitted with integral transceivers - set during installation. Working in conjunction with the central programmer a two-way signalling is effected, controlling time and temperature profile settings on the individual heating units.

Using the most efficient power provision available at any given time, the Credanet II system understands which tariff it is running on and will utilise economy tariffs for optimum efficiency. So whether controlling the generation of heat to be stored for later use, or providing instant heat, the most economic option is always chosen.

The Credanet II controller is the only centrally controlled electric storage system recognised within NHER/SAP calculations to provide energy savings under the generic name of ‘Celect’. It also complies with the control requirements for storage heating in Part L on the Building Regulations and is recognised as improving the Dwelling Carbon Emission Rate within SAP thus providing easier Part L compliance.

With its capacity to heat specific zones, and utilise the most efficient electrical tariffs at any given time, the Credanet system is fast becoming a more popular option over traditional gas heating methods. For more information and technical detail please call Creda on 08709 000450, alternatively visit

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