Creative curves in Parapan® for unusual door shapes

Innovative designers are drawing on the unique properties of Parapan® to create exciting and eyecatching kitchens. Parapan® colour runs all the way through the 18 mm thickness enabling it to be cut from panels into any shape or size. Here Finewood Interiors have used two colours of Parapan® – Aubergine and Grey – cut into complementary curves for unusual and interesting door shapes. Invisible finger pulls have been fitted on both doors and drawers so that the design line remains unbroken.

Parapan® is available in 21 UV stable shades that will never fade. Because the colour is solid it is very repairable making it dramatically more hard wearing than lacquers and hard finishes. Parastat, a new antistatic cleaner now on the market, makes it easy to clean and maintain.

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