Creative Cablofil commissions world’s first ‘Cablowalk’

Cablofil has always marketed the flexibility of its steel wire tray containment system but branching out into ‘senior mobility’ applications, surely that’s too much of a stretch even for a market leader?

Not when it comes to one-off practical jokes, it would seem, after the cheeky Cablofil team at the company’s Runcorn offices fabricated a rather professional-looking ‘Cablowalk’ zimmer frame for the company’s oldest member of staff.  Quality assurance and health & safety manager, Peter Foy, turned 65 recently and instead of the usual whip round and pint after work to celebrate his birthday, the lucky Cablofil veteran received a beautifully crafted number 65 fabricated out of Cablofil steel wire tray and a rather impressive Cablowalk zimmer frame.

Comments Peter: “I wasn’t expecting much of a fuss so I did get a bit suspicious when everyone gathered round.  It’s perhaps not the most flattering gift I’ve ever received but it could come in handy and it now has pride of place in the office where any of my colleagues are welcome to borrow it – though most of them have a few decades to go before they qualify for their free bus pass!”

He may be the proud owner of a Cablowalk zimmer frame but Peter has no plans to slow down.  Eschewing retirement, he has simply scaled down his work commitments to a two-day week.

“If there’s anything that’s guaranteed to keep you young,” he adds, “it’s coming to work and seeing the zimmer frame in the corner!  I don’t intend to need it for a good while yet!”

As for product development on the inspired new use for the world’s favourite steel wire containment system....

“There are no plans to go into mass production just yet,” says managing director, Paul Courson, “but we’re always full of new ideas!”

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