Saint-Gobain Ecophon is the most experienced company in the field of acoustics in education. The company had continued to promote the value of providing proper acoustic design throughout schools to create a better learning and teaching environment.

Verbal communication is key to learning in the educational process and the acoustics within a room will either help or hinder the learning process. Unwanted sound can be generated by noise from corridors and classrooms, outside traffic or event the school’s heating system. By controlling noises at source and creating acoustically well treated spaces, noise levels and undesirable sound reflections can be reduced.

In addition, Building Bulletin 93, Acoustic Design of Schools, heralded a major change to the Building Regulations with the aim of raising and tightening standards of acoustic design in schools. The regulations have specific requirements and have had a major impact on school design – including reductions in reverberation times within classrooms to improve room acoustics and levels of speech intelligibility.

Good acoustics generally means conditions where “wanted sound” is given prominence and “unwanted sound” is reduced or absorbed. In this respect, Saint-Gobain Ecophon can provide designers and specifiers with advice and recommendations regarding acoustic design in the usual types of school rooms. The company’s experience and extensive product range ensures that the solutions provided are the most appropriate for each installation.

For full details contact: Saint-Gobain Ecophon Limited, Old Brick Kiln, Ramsdell, TADLEY, Hants, RG26 5PP, Tel: 01256 850977, Fax: 01256 850600.

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