Creating Colour in Crawley

Glass decoration using window film and printed graphics is an increasingly popular way of turning glazing into a visually impressive display. With almost limitless possibilities, The Window Film Company continues to install coloured films and graphics at premises throughout the UK, with this vivid, colourful example printed and installed in a Sussex based office.

The brief was clear. With new glass partitions throughout the office, they were to be upgraded to feature bright and stylish artwork, ensuring the glazing was in keeping with the fresh, modern look of the rest of the office. In addition to adding colour and style, there was also a need to deliver an element of privacy. This was achieved by printing onto Frostbrite frosted window film.

A tough, durable film, once it is applied Frostbrite will give glass the appearance of acid etched glass, obscuring the view from both sides of the glazing. It also provides an excellent surface for printing, allowing for the creation of bespoke, eye-catching solutions. The agreed design comprised a number of multi coloured ribbons, criss-crossing the panels to create a playful yet stylish finish.

The printed Frostbrite film was installed across the centre of the glass partitions, serving to meet manifestation requirements. In the case of floor to ceiling glass, markings are required by law to ensure that the panes are visible. These markings must appear at a certain height and provide a suitable contrast between the manifestation and the glass, with both requirements met by this installation.

The project was completed with the addition of coloured rainbow film to the top and bottom of the glass. The Window Film Company’s rainbow range is a variety of coloured films that will immediately change the colour of glass without blocking the view. There are numerous benefits to using rainbow film as a decorative option. It is more cost effective than buying coloured glass and also provides flexibility. The film can be removed and replaced if a new style of colour is required – a difficult and costly exercise if replacement glass is required. The chosen colour was a stunning red, the bright tone complementing the other shades featured in the central panel.

The finished effect was a bright, welcoming, friendly, stylish and professional display, transforming the glass partitions from dull, functional panels into an exciting and aesthetically pleasing feature.

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