"Create Specification" by Cubicle Centre

Specifying a washroom doesn't have to be frustrating and time-consuming.


Usually, you have to research the product. If you discover a specification, you get a mass of general information. Then you must unravel, edit and format the details to get the specification you need. This takes time, effort and can be a frustrating process.


It is during this process where misspecification can occur. Exceeding manufacturable sizes, conflicting information, even removing vital details. Mis-specification can impact the project's schedule and budget. Mistakes on products installed towards the end of the project can delay completion.


There is a better solution.


Cubicle Centre developed a "Create specification" tool that generates detailed and accurate information. Pick between the simple options to tailor the product, including sizes, colours and hardware. When completed you receive a “copy & paste” specification tailored to your desired washroom.


The customisable options ensure the specification is within the manufacturing limits. This allows for an accurate quotation and delivery forecast. Each "Create specification" takes between 30 - 60 seconds to complete and is available for all cubicle ranges.


Accompanying each product specification is the NBS Clause, NBS Create clause and the Uniclass 2015 classification for your reference.


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