Create And Protect With Rockfon Upcycling

Dealing with site waste can be a complex and expensive business, with ever-tightening legislation and increasingly demanding environmental obligations, not to mention ever-rising costs for landfill. Now Rockfon has simplified things with its enhanced and extended upcycling service.

Rockfon has been upcycling their own stone wool end-of-life ceiling tiles and off-cuts for many years. But now they will also accept wet felt mineral fibre ceiling tile waste of any age, in any quantity, from any refurbishment project, when Rockfon products are installed in its place.


To guide specifiers, clients and contractors through the process, Rockfon has produced a number of resources, including a dedicated web page at Here you will find a short video entitled “Things are looking up for the environment”, a guide to Upcycling, and an infographic outlining the whole process from receipt of waste materials through to production of new stone wool products, coupled with facts and evidence of Rockfon’s rock-solid sustainability strategy and new brand positioning “Create and Protect”.


Rockfon’s upcycling service diverts waste from landfill, and helps main contractors achieve their zero waste to landfill targets. It also offers potential cost savings too, with a small gate fee of just £40 per tonne compared to costs as high as £120 per tonne at landfill.


Rockfon goes beyond simple recycling by upcycling waste into new superior stone wool products of the same high quality as those made from virgin raw materials. Upcycling with Rockfon also contributes to the Ceilings Sustainability Partnership’s ‘Resource Efficiency Action Plan’ guidelines to reduce the environmental impact of the ceilings industry, by reducing waste and finding alternative uses for it.


By preventing stone wool and mineral fibre ceiling tiles from going to landfill, Rockfon is protecting the external environment. By installing new Rockfon stone wool ceilings with their holistic benefits, they are helping to create better indoor environments. These benefits include the highest European classification for fire safety (A1); up to 100% humidity resistance, offering dimensional stability to ensure no sagging or deflection over time; excellent acoustic qualities (the majority of Rockfon products have the highest, Class A, sound absorption rating); tiles are all lightweight, easy to cut and handle, and meet the safest E1 classification for indoor air quality and health.


At Rockfon, we take both our own and your responsibility to protect the environment very seriously. Made from naturally occurring, renewable Diabase rock, our stone wool products make a constructive contribution to the environment to help you achieve your own CSR and waste to landfill targets, and build more efficient buildings.

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