Cream of the crop: Mighton makes dairy windows work in luxury conversion

Paxton Restoration has restored 40 timber sash windows with Mighton Ventlocks at an old dairy in Hertfordshire, which has been converted into four luxury apartments. Craig Boddington from architects Michael Cook Associates, who designed and specified the project, states: “Mighton Ventlocks were recommended by an experienced joiner. They are a great invention - allowing the windows to be left open a few inches for ventilation without compromising security. It’s also an excellent way to prevent children from opening a sash unsupervised, especially windows at first floor and above. On this project they have allowed us to use the existing windows, retaining the character of the property, whilst meeting the requirements of the Building Regulations.”

Richard Sullivan, Director of Paxton Restoration, explains: “There’s something very satisfying about restoring windows to their former glory with modern hardware so they keep their traditional looks but work beautifully too. We’ve been using Mighton for three years, and it’s our first choice for window hardware. Continual product innovation means Mighton’s range is always the best on the market. The guys at Mighton are always looking for solutions to window problems and are keen to expand and diversify the product range. It’s clear that they’ve got a passion for what they do.”

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