CR Laurence's CABO System is the Softly, Softly Approach

Back in the day, when showering enclosures had a tendency to resemble tardises, few would have foreseen a time when frameless would become the norm. 

And yet, in a relatively short space of time, showering enclosures have evolved into the most minimal of bathroom structures.  Today, the majority of consumers aspire to bathrooms that are spatially unrestricted – and from compact ensuites to family wet rooms – just about everyone wants the simplest, most understated showering enclosures.

As a result of this trend, shower door hardware has become increasingly sophisticated. 

And global brands such as CR Laurence have pioneered a new generation of systems and components – handles, hinges, channels, clamps and door knobs – that whilst being super-sleek, have also been designed to facilitate exceptional functionality.

 CABO – Innovative, Design-Led & Unique

CABO – new from CR Laurence, is one such system.  Genuinely unique – there is currently no other product that equals CABO – the system is an innovative, double soft-close solution for frameless sliding shower doors.

Of course, frameless sliding door systems have been available for some time.  But most users will know from experience that they can be rattly and that movement can feel far from smooth.  Often specified for smaller showering enclosures, sliding shower doors can also take a real pasting in terms of wear and tear – especially when kids are involved!

CABO, however, with its superior double soft-close design, makes everything – from the showering enclosure’s aesthetics to its functionality – look a whole lot better.  So how does it work? 

CABO – How does it work?

All of CR Laurence’s CABO soft slide systems conceal a double soft-close mechanism within their header sections.  This gently cushions the shower door as its slides back, making for a perfectly smooth and quiet action.

CABO systems will work with 8mm, 10mm or 12mm thick glass and will support doors/panels weighing up to 80kg.  Systems are versatile – they can be mounted wall-to-wall or wall-to-glass and each system is supplied complete with a header, two top clamps, a bottom guide, a wall seal and a half-round threshold.  CABO systems are manufactured from anodized aluminium and there is a choice of rounded or square clamps and there are three finishes – chrome, satin anodised and brushed nickel.

Chris Pepper, Marketing & Business Development Manager for CRL Europe says,

“When it comes to showering enclosures, no one wants bulky, obtrusive structures anymore.  But achieving the minimalist look requires the right sort of hardware and for sliding doors, features such as the double soft-close system offered by CABO, can make a real difference to the

consumer’s experience, not to mention the overall look and functionality of the showering enclosure.”

  CABO – Quick Facts

 ·  CABO from CR Laurence is a unique, double soft-close system for sliding shower doors.

·   The double soft-close system is concealed within the header section of the CABO system.  It ensures the shower door glides smoothly and quietly – making rattling, crashing a thing of the past.

·  CABO systems are supplied complete with all fixtures and fittings.

·  CABO systems can accommodate 8mm, 10mm and 13mm thick glass.

·   Doors/panels of up to 80kg can be supported.

·   The CABO system can be mounted on wall-to-wall or wall-to-glass

·   Three standard finishes are available – chrome, satin anodized and brushed nickel; custom colours can also be specified.

·   Dimensions – overall minimum width 1.52cm, overall maximum width 2.13cm.

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