CPD from Kingspan clarifies regulatory requirements

From 1st October 2010 it is all change once again for England, Wales and Scotland as the latest regulations governing the thermal performance of buildings come into force. Kingspan Insulated Panels has developed a RIBA approved and Construction Services Approved CPD Seminar to help clarify the changes and look at optimum building solutions for non-domestic new build and refurb projects. 

The changes to Approved Documents L for England and Wales and to Technical Handbook Section 6 for Scotland are a significant step towards the target for all new buildings to be zero carbon in under a decade, and are likely to prove both challenging and potentially complex.

The CPD demonstrates that a fabric first approach is always the most important initial aspect of designing for energy efficiency, and that it is possible for buildings to comply with the 2010 requirements without the need to incorporate renewables into the design. Research has shown that specifying beyond the new mandatory performance of the building envelope provides a very cost effective and simple solution. 

The CPD also explores why the use of renewable energy is likely to be an essential component of achieving compliance from the next round of changes in 2013 onwards.  Although they are not essential to achieve compliance in 2010, the potential carbon savings and the financial benefits of renewable systems available through feed-in tariffs can make these systems very attractive.

It makes sense to think about the future now and think about going beyond the requirements of the 2010 revision to ‘future proof’ the building.  Kingspan Insulated Panels can provide information and support on how to achieve the best results.

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