Courtaulds Fibres Performance Products produces between 50 and 55 tons of flame retardant fibre a week for use in curtains, bedding, children's clothing, etc.

Part of the process involves the recovery of Acetone, a relatively expensive and highly flammable chemical, by a fully automated carbon bed absorption unit. An integral part of this unit is a water-cooled condenser used to recover a steam/Acetone distillate.

The ScalewatcherTM system was installed onto a mild steel pipe feeding the cooling water to the vapour condenser. Prior to installation, the condenser required tedious and exacting cleaning to the tubes, either by the use of acid, with its consequential disposal problems, or by drilling at a cost of £l200 per annum.

Since ScalewatcherTM was installed the condenser has remained scale free providing a payback in less than two years.

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