County Hall


Architect: BUJ
Material: Reconstructed Stone
Contractor: Costains
Finish: Acid Etched
Size: 6,800 square metres
Location: London

The ability to accurately replicate the look of natural stone was a major factor in Techrete being awarded the contract to supply the precast concrete cladding for the new County Hall residential development in London. The planning requirement was for the precast cladding to be as close as possible to natural stone in colour and texture. The finish specified by B.U.J. Architects was acid-etched Portland stone. Techrete’s reconstructed stone units, which accurately reproduce the appearance of natural stone were the ideal solution. Techrete manufactured more than 976 units, ranging from 3 x 2m to 7.2 x 1.5m. These include spandrel units, cladding to the end bays, cornices, a feature band, octagonal base and cornice for the clock face on the ninth floor, car park entrance portals and window surrounds. The units blend well with the London stock bricks and copper-finished roof.

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