Cost effective ways to enhance your property

Current economic conditions in the housing market have meant that many people are looking at simple and cost effective ways to improve their homes to give it that something extra –either to create the perfect home or make it stand out to house buyers.

An entrance is arguably the most important feature as this is the first impression a potential buyer will have. One of the simplest but most effective ways in which to improve an entranceway is to build a portico on the front of the house. Whilst obviously providing shelter from the elements, porticos can also be used to embellish an otherwise dull and uninspiring entrance. With a Haddonstone portico costing from under £2000, while appearing to have a significantly higher price tag, this is also a great way to increase the value of a property.

Haddonstone produce a standard range of cast stone porticos and door surrounds and can also manufacture custom designs. Different Haddonstone components, including classical capitals, dentilled cornices, curved entablature and balustrading can combine to create dramatically different effects on various styles of property – whether traditional, classical or contemporary.

Porticos and door surrounds are not the only cast stone features that can be used to enhance the appearance of a property –and even simple components such as quoins, window surrounds and string courses can add value to a home, as shown by a recent MORI poll which was commissioned by the UKCSA.

MORI showed 2000 people two pictures of the same newly built property –with one showing cast stone door surrounds, window heads, cills and keystones and the other showing plain, unadorned brickwork. An impressive 79 per cent preferred the property with cast stone detailing and the survey showed that people would be willing to pay up to 5 per cent more for a property with cast stone features.

Haddonstone has recently launched a revolutionary material called TecLite. Although almost identical in appearance to standard Haddonstone, TecLite is a thinner and, consequently, lighter product which is made using Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete. TecLite can be used in conjunction with standard Haddonstone and is ideal for selfbuild and renovation projects. It is also perfect for retro-fit projects which means TecLite is not limited to owners of new build properties.

As well as cast stone for exteriors, Haddonstone also has a range of designs that are perfect for interior use, including several fireplaces in a variety of styles. A selfcirculating fountain from the company’s Arcadian range can create tranquillity in a conservatory or garden room or balustrading can be used on a stairway.

Haddonstone is a founder member of the United Kingdom Cast Stone Association (UKCSA). Cast stone has to comply with a rigorous set of British and International standards. Stone supplied by members of the United Kingdom Cast Stone Association (UKCSA) also has to achieve a cube compressive strength in excess of 35MPa, and can therefore be confidently used in building projects.

Haddonstone is the UK’s leading manufacturer of architectural cast stonework for exteriors and interiors and has recently launched an entirely new website. The comprehensive new website,, has been updated to feature Haddonstone’s latest designs. Customers also have the ability to order architectural products, such as pier caps, for the first time and offers advice on installation. There are over 500 standard designs in the Haddonstone Collection ranging from porticos, door surrounds and balustrading to columns, window surrounds and fireplaces. The company also has the ability to create custom made stonework to individual specifications.

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