Core mouldings classics for trade professionals

Mouldings specialist Richard Burbidge is offering Trade Classics, a range of architectural mouldings in simple, classic designs, specially designed for trade professionals.

The Trade Classics range offers a choice of the most popular architectural profiles such as bullnose and chamfered styles, with dual-faced skirtings in torus and ogee so the same product can be used to create two different effects by simply reversing the moulding to suit each job.

The mouldings are also supplied fully finished in a high quality white satin to save time on the job.

Ian Barnes, Mouldings Product Manager for Richard Burbidge, commented: “Our new Trade Classics range offers the ultimate in convenience and time-saving. The architrave and skirting are available in industry standard designs and sizes. Trade professionals simply need to select the outward-facing skirting profile, before cutting the mouldings to length and fixing to the wall. The high quality finish also saves valuable time on site.”

All profiles in the Trade Classics range are available in 56mm x 18mm architrave and 93mm x 18mm or 116mm x 18mm dual-faced skirting boards.

Suggested selling prices start from £11.04 for a 2.4m dual-faced skirting and £7.61 for a 2.4m architrave in the Trade Classics range. 

Richard Burbidge is also offering its customers a new mouldings poster to help promote ranges in store.

For further information on the Trade Classics range or the new POS support, please contact Richard Burbidge on 01691 678300 or visit

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