Corà Parquet with David Chipperfield at the Basilica Palladiana in Vicenza

CORÀ, on its 100th anniversary, celebrates art, culture, architecture and design with FREESPACE, the event of the Biennale di Architettura 2018 which will resound from Venice to Vicenza thanks to the exhibition dedicated to David Chipperfield at the Basilica Palladiana.


CORÀ celebrates art, culture, architecture and design at the Basilica Palladiana 

The attention CORÀ pays to art, culture, and most of all to architecture and design, is fully expressed in the company’s choice to promote a great event for its city, Vicenza, home of both 16th century architecture and Andrea Palladio, whose unique and unparalleled buildings represent the genius loci of this territory.

The sense of humanity of anthropic sites as the primary role of contemporary Architecture and Design

Architecture and design are disciplines that place their attention on space and hospitality. Today, the aesthetic results are often surprising, with surface modulation, richness and materiality: key words of the Biennale di Architettura 2018 which spreads its light to the surrounding territory from Venice.

The top item on the agenda of today’s architects and designers, whose work expands into different areas and contexts, must be generosity: making the message visible to transmit the project has become essential.

The David Chipperfield Architects Works 2018 exhibition carries the modern sign of a contemporary Archistar who channels the crystallised style of the Palladian matrix into a precious container, a magnificent context that induced CORÀ to support Chipperfield’s Solo Show, which is being presented at the suggestive Basilica Palladiana from 12th May to 2nd September 2018. By means of this prestigious event, CORÀ walks along the Renaissance nave to approach its 100 years, lining a corner of the space with the new FABBRICA 4.0 nero vintage parquet. 

David Chipperfield chose the Basilica Palladiana in Vicenza for his Solo Show

FREESPACE points at space quality, as defined by Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara, curators of the Biennale di Architettura 2018 in Venice, “…that represents the generosity and sense of humanity that architects place at the top of their agenda, concentrating their attention on the quality of the space”. This is the introduction to the theme of the Biennale di Architettura 2018 in Venice, and to its extension, the exhibition David Chipperfield Architects Works 2018 in Vicenza, which was prepared contemporaneously.

They are words that transmit space quality according to CORÀ, an enthusiast of the most ancient and fascinating material, a company that characterises every place with wood, which is greatly loved by designers because natural and comfortable, warm and fragrant. Environments built from wood have been appreciated since ancient times, and still are today because of the positive influence they have on the wellbeing of the people who live in them, elevating this natural element, in all its variations, to a protagonist of bioarchitecture. Beauty and wellbeing are, in fact, the special characteristics of this timeless material that has always been embedded in the folds of man’s history and the nature he takes with him.

The language of architecture for David Chipperfield is a manifestation of collective values

Great contemporary architecture exhibitions in the Basilica Palladiana in Vicenza are not a novelty, and it should not amaze that even the famous architect appreciates this Renaissance treasure chest, as can be understood from his words: “Italy remains the spiritual home of architecture. Here we can fully understand the importance of buildings not as individual spectacles but as the manifestations of collective values and as the settings for daily life. This tangible sense of context and history remind us that our built world is a testament to the continuous evolution of architectural language and critical to our understanding of the world around us. With this in mind, I was inspired to direct this Biennale towards concerns of continuity, context and memory, towards shared influences and expectations, and to address the apparent lack of understanding that exists between the profession and society.”

(La Biennale di Venezia, Common Ground, Biennale Architettura 2012, (Marsilio Editori, pages 14-15)

 The architecture, the building, the matter that plasmas them with an aesthetic value that is “visible and permanent” therefore become an ethical message for collectivity, and these words, as the Biennale di Architettura 2018 in Venice suggests, clearly carry this message.

The cultural commitment of Corà Parquet that walks towards its hundredth anniversary along the Basilica Palladiana 

Nature and beauty are the cornerstones of CORÀ which, approaching its hundredth anniversary, starts walking along a celebratory road of Italian art, culture, architecture and design, with a solid result in its wake that is based on the marketing and processing of wood.

From experience with the raw material and closeness to Italian design and craftsmanship, Divisione Parquet came to life 25 years ago: a continually developing offer inspired by the natural beauty of wood and contaminated by tendencies elicited in the creative fabric of Italian excellence.

Today, Corà Parquet satisfies the most varied indoor and outdoor home and contract needs, enriching them with all the refinement that an “enthusiast of the material” can bring.

By presenting its new products, even CORÀ intends confirming the role of Architecture and Design as disciplines that are useful for blending artistic research and social values. In particular, with FABBRICA 4.0, a product that follows the historical models of industrial wood flooring, but which adds new technological and structural characteristics with its blocks created from a mosaic of slats. Devised and re-invented in a modern guise, it becomes modular and customised thanks to the multiple laying possibilities that design any space.

Discover Eccellenze Italiane, the new collection dedicated to the greatest Italian artists: a homage to their art and their life in celebration of the Italian quality that is recognised the whole world over. 

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