Copper Kalzip blends well

Over 800m² of straight and tapered copper Kalzip sheets were installed on the complex roof of the impressive new Burns Monument Centre in Kay Park, Kilmarnock by Teamkal contractor, CDW Ltd. East Ayrshire Council Asset Improvement Service appointed Hunter Clarke Ltd as the main contractor and specified copper Kalzip as it would blend in well with the centre’s natural stonework.

Kalzip’s fabrications department manufactured and supplied a wide variety of bespoke copper flashings including the bull-nosed fascias and specially designed louvres. The company also supplied the roof liner and structural decking sheets and manufactured the membrane gutters, some of which were extensively facetted to suit the centre’s tightly curved wall areas.

Copper Kalzip is an exceptionally strong, anti-corrosive and virtually maintenance-free material with the added benefit of low costs over its lifespan. As well as being extremely durable, copper Kalzip also possesses a unique aesthetic appeal which sees the material’s weather face oxidise gradually over time from an initial bright appearance through subtle tones of mellow bronze to anthracite brown in vertical cladding and a lovely rich green patina in roofing.

Opened in 1879, the original Burns Monument building had gradually fallen into disrepair and was subjected to a serious arson attack in 2004. Only the monument statue and its protecting canopy survived the attack and East Ayrshire Council decided to build a stylish new centre around the remains to house all their registration services for births, marriages and deaths. In addition to being an attractive venue for weddings and other special ceremonies, the revitalised new building offers conferencing facilities and provides a well renowned archives and genealogy centre which attracts many local history researchers and ancestral tourists.

Architect David Nimbley of East Ayrshire’s Asset Improvement Service explains, “The Council’s visionary leadership identified the long term benefits and importance of this functional new building to the local community and encouraged the architectural design team to specify a blend of high quality materials as a fitting and enduring tribute to the remains of the original structure.”

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