Copper for Solar Thermal Systems

This publication provides an introduction to the design and installation of copper solar thermal systems. With the construction industry gearing up to include renewable energy systems on new developments, and home owners choosing to implement green energy solutions, there is an opportunity for professional plumbers to branch out. This publication outlines the processes required to design and install copper solar thermal installations.

Copper is the ideal pipework material for solar thermal systems as it is perfectly capable of withstanding the high temperatures that the operating fluid can reach, sometimes in excess of 200oC. Jointing is done by capillary brazing or by using flame-free solar press fittings, specifically designed for high temperature operation. The solar thermal system is another application where copper tube shines, the copper tube used being the same specification as for many other pipework applications.

This publication, available in print and online at, covers the different types of solar collectors (flat-plate and vacuum tube), detailing their merits and applications. It explores the layout of solar thermal systems, appropriate pipework and system design, along with how to size different components for the installation.

For plumbers looking to expand their skillset and take advantage of the growing sustainability market, this free publication can provide useful assistance when used in conjunction with approved solar thermal training courses.

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