Cool atmosphere for a grand design

A dream home, built on the beachfront at Exmouth, Devon, has a Unico System at its core and featured recently on the Grand Designs television programme. With a large frontage largely constructed from glass, the property needed a comfort system that would provide responsive and effective cooling and heating, achieved – with ease, according to the owners – by the Unico System.

Herons Wood was aired on the Grand Designs show in December 2005 after more than a year of being filmed under construction. The trials and tribulations of the owners, Mark and Julie Veysey, were exposed along with some of the highs and lows of their experience. The finished home, however, was well worth the effort and its magnificent views over the sea are complemented by open spaces within the house.

With an open plan design and few barriers between floors, the Unico System is ideal for Herons Wood. Using high velocity, small-duct technology, the system delivers a draught-free environment with no hot or cold spots. The temperature difference from floor to ceiling is maintained at less than 2 degrees Celsius. With system components hidden in a cupboard and ductwork within wall and ceiling cavities, there are no radiators or wall units to interfere with the planning of the minimalist décor.

Julie Veysey is more than pleased with the environment created by the Unico System; “We decided to have air-conditioning at a very late stage of the build and presented Unico with a serious challenge! They concealed the system exceptionally well and, with so much glazing in the property, it is inconceivable to see how we could have managed without it. We believe we ended up with the Rolls Royce of systems. The system is very quiet - you would hardly know it was there.”

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