Construction Specialties seal the deal

Thanks to a £29 million redevelopment, the LG Arena in Birmingham has been provided with a bespoke new expansion joint seal from Construction Specialties.

Developed in partnership with Intelligent Engineering, the new terrace seal was created in four short months and provides an effective, hard wearing waterproofing solution for IE’s SPS Terrace. The entertainment venue which offers an unrivalled 21st Century total entertainment experience was refurbished with terracing for 8,000 new permanent seats from Intelligent Engineering. C/S was required to develop a new joint seal to waterproof the joints between SPS Terraces which are significantly lighter and easier to handle and install than traditional concrete terraces, thus providing greater versatility in design and speed in completion.

Intelligent Engineering’s Technical Director, Dr Stephen Kennedy said: “Due to the type of building and what it is used for, the seating terraces would have to withstand stresses and strains of environmental temperature change and the movement of audience participation, for example dancing to rock bands. This being the case, we knew that we had to find a company who could provide a joint seal to compliment the terraces.”

“C/S definitely rose to the challenge and provided us with a bespoke solution, in a very short lead time.”

C/S designed, manufactured and tested a new terrace seal to meet the tight timescale demands of the arena refurbishment. The mastic and foam systems traditionally used on stadium bowls are time consuming to apply, not aesthetically pleasing and have a limited life. The solution produced by C/S addressed all these issues, providing an expansion joint cover which is suitable for installation in 25-35mm wide joints with sufficient elasticity to accommodate +/- 2mm movement in the terrace structure.

Comprising two pieces, the terrace seal has a retainer fitted to the terrace treads and a continuous elastomeric seal which is installed on both treads and risers. The terrace seal is manufactured in black as standard, and C/S will create bespoke colours if required, subject to minimum quantities.

Andy Moul, C/S Product Manager for Expansion Joint Covers commented: “It is great to have the opportunity to develop bespoke solutions for our clients. Timings on the LG Arena were critical so it was all hands on deck to complete in time. We now have a great solution which will allow the SPS Terrace to provide a watertight roof to spaces below whilst allowing movement and expansion in line with the buildings use.”

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