Considerations with a renovation

Old buildings, especially listed ones, require special considerations before even beginning any work. This is because these buildings come with certain restrictions, which are typically tied to the preservation of the original structure and design. We understand these challenges well, as we faced them when we installed a lift at Durham Cathedral, a project which involved the careful consideration of all limitations associated with a Grade I listed building.

Knowing the building you’re going to alter is crucial, therefore, as you need to be able to adapt to its restrictions and ensure that the measures you apply are always the right ones for the project.

​In order to maintain the original architecture and design of a building, while also renovating it, it’s important to know what you can and can’t do. Not all alterations are welcomed in old or listed buildings, as they have different specifications from their more contemporary counterparts – while it’s essential to protect a building through the modernisation process, it is of paramount importance to consider the impact on the overall aesthetics and to conserve the heritage associated.

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