Conserve water with the Blancofiltra Fresh tap

With water shortages continuing to hit the headlines across the UK, the BLANCOFILTRA FRESH tap offers kitchen retailers and designers an opportunity to incorporate water saving within the overall kitchen design, thanks to the flow--restrictor feature.

The tap is already popular because of its integrated filter unit for fresh drinking water, which negates the need to buy expensive bottled water. But it is also fitted with an easily-adjustable screw to restrict water flow; this means that even if the tap is left running, during food preparation for instance, the amount of water used is reduced. The adjustment is easily made by the householder, before or after the tap is fitted.

The BLANCO FILTRA Fresh tap retails at around £299 and is available in chrome or brushed steel. It is one of several taps in the BLANCO range which incorporate this flow-restrictor feature.

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