Conservatories and Building Regulations.The Builder is Responsible

At last a publication has been released that throws much-needed light on the subject of how to eliminate damp penetration problems where a conservatory is attached to a building.

A simple and straightforward guide that provides a check list for designer, client, and builder.

UK conservatory construction is flourishing, aided by numerous television programmes that have generated greater awareness of how homes can be cost-effectively enlarged or extended.

The conservatatory was identified by over 84% of the homeowners questioned on how they thought their home might be improved.

But....where the conservatory is intended as an extension of the living space, there are regulations that come into play. This new publication provides sound advice, good pointers, suggests questions to ask and importantly shows how to identify requirements so the addition of a conservatory meets regulation requirements and provides a trouble-free and damp-free life.

The guide is published by Cavity Trays of Yeovil, the only tray manufacturer in the UK awarded European Technical Approval.

Already a number of leading conservatory manufacturers are including the new guide with their quotations when writing to customers: 'It ensures the conservatory company has drawn attention to the situation. The prospective purchaser has opportunity to consider fully the implications of construction apropos the intended use of the structure. Misunderstandings can be expensive to rectify - so this pro-active approach makes good sense and most importantly it means the purchaser knows what to expect of a fully-compliant installation.'

Guide available now, free of charge from Cavity Trays Ltd, Yeovil. Somerset. BA22 8HU

For further information please contact: Ian Leary Email Address : Telephone : 01935 474769

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