Confusion Reigns?

Many plumbers are unaware of the benefits of physical water conditioners, let alone the different types available, according to Dr Daniel Stefanini of Hydropath. “Feedback from installers and end users demonstrates some worrying misconceptions about physical water conditioners. The technology has improved immensely yet there still appear to be myths and misconceptions rife in the industry. A common quote we hear is ‘is it one of those magnet things? A mate tried one years ago and said it didn’t work’. The problem is exacerbated by confusion over the different types of physical water conditioners and a few companies making bold claims that cannot really be justified,” says Dr Stefanini.

Hydropath is urging plumbers to ‘get up to speed’ in an attempt to dispel some of the myths. “The reality is that physical water conditioners offer many benefits – particularly in regard to cost and significantly lower environmental impact than chemical water softeners. However, there are different types of conditioners; be wary of companies that claim that their unit ‘softens’ water - for that is impossible. An effective unit, such as Hydroflow, will ensure that limescale remains in suspension, does not adhere to internal surfaces and is washed away in the flow.”

The advice from Hydropath is that plumbers should thoroughly research the products and ask companies for testimonials from companies that have trialled the products. Membership of organisations such as British Water can also reassure customers about the legitimacy of the member company,

Dr Stefanini concludes by saying, “Large parts of the UK have ‘hard’ to very ‘hard water’. With new regulations stipulating the installation of condensing combination boilers, which have two heat exchangers, there is now double the risk of domestic boilers experiencing problems with limescale. It is beholden of plumbers to spread the word to the general public so that they can make an informed decision on how to treat their hard water.”

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