Condensing Water Heaters Approved for Enhanced Capital Allowances

Hamworthy Heating’s range of direct fired condensing water heaters; the Dorchester DR-FC Evo and the recently launched Dorchester DR-TC solar water heater, have been included on the Government’s Energy Technology List (ETL), providing significant financial advantages for purchasers through the Government’s Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECA) scheme.


The water heaters join a number of Hamworthy products that are already listed including the award-winning Fleet range of condensing boilers and the new Stratton wall hung boiler. The ECA scheme is a key part of the Government’s programme to manage climate change and is designed to encourage businesses to invest in energy-saving equipment.


Hamworthy’s condensing commercial water heaters, Dorchester DR-FC Evo and Dorchester DR-TC, provide highly efficient domestic hot water solutions with minimal environmental impact. The Dorchester DR-FC Evo is available in 7 models and offers excellent seasonal efficiencies up to 107% net and superior control options with multiple temperature settings to enhance the energy saving condensing performance. The innovative Dorchester DR-TC solar water heater, consisting of two models, combines solar energy with condensing gas fired capability and an intelligent control system that prioritises the use of free solar energy when available.


The ECA scheme benefits property owners or facilities management companies that pay business or corporation tax. Purchasing a boiler or water heater which qualifies for Enhanced Capital Allowances can bring significant financial savings, as well as improving a company’s energy-efficiency and its impact on the environment. Capital allowances enable a business to write off the capital cost of purchasing heating and hot water plant, such as water heaters, against their taxable profits, taking the place of depreciation charged in commercial accounts reducing the business’s tax liability and offering cash flow advantages.


An ECA provides 100 per cent tax relief on ETL energy-saving equipment, in the same tax year as the purchase is made, rather than the general rate of capital allowance which is 20 per cent a year on a reducing balance basis. In addition to the plant itself, a qualifying claim can also include direct installation costs and related professional fees.


Hamworthy Heating’s sales & marketing director, Keith Thompson, commented, “This is great news for our customers as not only can they benefit from an energy efficient system that saves money on their bills but, through the ECA scheme, the financial impact for the plant owner will be reduced even further.”


“We are also pleased to announce the extension of our BIM library to include the Dorchester DR-FC Evo range of water heaters. This will enable engineers and architects to incorporate this energy saving solution directly into their projects with all related technical data embedded in the 3D model”, he added.


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