Condensate boiler drainage problem solved

Wavin Plastics launches versatile range of condensate boiler fittings.

Wavin Plastics has launched a range of condensate boiler fittings that solve the problem of connecting condensate drainage to the waste system without breaking OSMA specification. The new fittings provide complete flexibility for the installer to choose how the condensate is drained away.

Wavin’s new range of fittings provide the installer with a number of options for draining the condensate, therefore, providing the installer with a number of options for locating the boiler.

The fittings enable the installer to drain the condensate into the waste, via a choice of two traps or a clamp; directly into the soil stack or rainwater downpipe, or via an external soakaway packed with limestone chippings. The range also includes an inline non-return valve to prevent foul gases re-entering a building and a flexible/rigid pipe connector to fit a corrugated hose to a boiler.

“This new range of fittings makes the installation of condensing boilers far more flexible and convenient for the installer,” says Wavin Plastic’s market manager Steve Skeldon.

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