Compliant Construction with New Cavitray + New Cavicloser + Caviweep

There is a growing trend for the building envelope to emulate traditional construction features by utilising modern faced, laminated and composite construction alternatives. This has necessitated accompanying steps be taken by architects and builders to ensure compatible protection against water ingress.

With traditionally constructed brick lintels and dummy brickwork alternatives, the damp protection arrangement is relatively straightforward. However, where the frame position is set well back within the deep reveal of an external skin of increased thickness, the damp protection arrangement is called to be both recessed and three dimensional.

a) It must interface with the vertical closing and insulating arrangement.
b) It must protect vertically and horizontally but must not be visible on the underside of the lintel
c) Water evacuation must be out of the wall rather than within it, without the arrangement compromising the external appearance of the wall.

Cavity Trays of Yeovil has released a cavitray + cavicloser + caviweep solution to protect the entire opening.

A new five-width cavicloser called the Type FWC accommodates cavity widths up to 100mm whilst insulating the reveal and providing vertical protection. This links with a specially shaped horizontal cavitray that is both rebated to accept the set-back frame position and additionally extends throughout the external leaf outwardly and forwardly. The special Type C cavitray permits all arrested water to be discharged out of the structure via pyramid weeps – the modern version of the traditional masonry bleed straw. Pyramid weeps offer discreet evacuation routes that are hardly noticeable on the masonry face and can be positioned away from the opening reveal. This is possible because the protective Type C cavitray extends well beyond the reveal closers.

The cavicloser and cavitray interfacing arrangement does not encroach the underside of the feature lintel that remains visually unobstructed. At all times full protection is provided against water permeating inwardly, despite the recessed frame position.

Apart from quality control benefits on site, the use of the Cavity Trays package eliminates all wastage associated with the use of conventional dpc on site. The Cavity Trays package offers everything pre-shaped, pre-cut and ready to build in.

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