Company´s Fixed Capital Rose to CZK 21 Million

In January 2010, the network of STOMIX trade companies introduced its new organizational structure. Merging of the business subjects culminated in the past weeks and the successing organization eventually changed its name into STOMIX CZ s.r.o. General meeting also decided the increase in the company´s fixed capital from CZK 148.000,- to CZK 20.895.000,-

The merger separated business and operation activities within the Company and incorporated nine national directorial functions into one management post. „The new set-up resulted from the recent market situation which proved to be very unpredictable in the past two years,“ says CEO of the parent company Stomix, spol. s.r.o. Bořivoj Minář. „The basis of our decision also lies in a better transfer of vital information between individual organizational bodies. Our main business advantages remain in consulting and related services, therefore, we should be able to respond to the demand quickly. In the past we benefitted from our regional know-how, on the other hand, we faced difficulties in tax optimization because of their disproportional distribution,“ explained Mr. Minář.

A unified management style should positively affect all internal standards beginning with communication, offer processing, orders and dispatching of products. „Our new specialists – segment managers – will care for potential customers interested in other products than our insulation systems,“ said Mr. Minář. The Company´s employment levels remained practically unchanged. One of our conditions for restructuralization was the maintenance of existing service posts, and it was seen to. We cancelled positions of the former regional directors but they are in most cases further involved in the new structure. Some inefficient posts were also cancelled, however, another ones were created,“ stated Mr. Minář. „The new top management comes entirely from our internal resources, our two colleagues came to hold the postitions of sales and operations directors because previously they proved to be good managers. Our common goals is to stabilize our performance and ensure continued growth. We also believe the transparency of the new structure will support the relations with our current partners,“ Mr. Minář concluded.

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