Communications cool off in West Africa

A landmark in Abuja, Nigeria and the jewel of the nation’s recent development is the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) building, the home of Nigeria’s Communications industry. The air conditioning adopted by the architects for all the very important and unique areas of the building is the Unico System, the small-duct, high velocity system that eliminates draughts and noise and offers freedom from radiators. These areas are: all the circular meeting rooms (on six floors), the board room (on the eight floor) the executive vice chairman’s office, the entrance hall, the staff clinic, the staff canteens, the telecoms rooms and the lift lobby.

In the Nigerian climate, with large expanses of glass, air cooling is critical and the Unico System was chosen because of its reliability and ease of installation, as well as high comfort characteristics. Another factor was the low energy consumption and the high moisture removal characteristics compared with conventional air conditioning systems.

The contract was made possible through the diligence and perseverance of the contractor, H&C Nigeria Limited, who convinced the consultants and builders of the efficiency and value of the Unico System and demonstrated a commitment to install a system that would match the quality of the building’s architecture and fittings.

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