Commonwealth swimming pool

During the recent complete refurbishment of the Edinburgh Commonwealth Swimming Pool, Spacetherm Cold Bridge Strips, supplied by the A. Proctor Group Limited were used in the wall construction for the spectator area.

Manufactured from high performance Spacetherm aerogel insulation, which has a class leading thermal conductivity of 0.013W/mK, the self adhesive cold bridge strips can be applied to steel and concrete structural elements. This helps to maintain insulation continuity across the wall or roof and reduces the likelihood of cold spots. As well as improving the overall thermal performance, this improvement in the surface temperatures reduces the condensation risks associated with cold bridging, an important consideration in a swimming pool applications.

Installed over a 12 month period by contractors Gibson Shop fitters of Musselburgh, the cold bridge strips can be supplied in any specified width, and can therefore be adhered to structural elements quickly and easily. The 10mm thick Spacetherm-CBS system helps to boost the thermal insulation provided by the Kingspan TW55 boards (also supplied by the A. Proctor Group) which were used across the majority of the wall surface. This allowed specifiers at Edinburgh City Council to achieve a substantial reduction in cold bridging without dramatically increasing the wall thickness, and also allowed the re-use of the existing outer cladding materials.

Further information on the Spacetherm-CBS system can be found at

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