Colourful pavilion champions the benefit of building with bamboo

A vibrant art piece stands tall in Malaysia with sweet-like colourful patterns dotted upon its facade. Designed by architect Eleena Jamil for the World Urban Forum ‘Urban Brains’ is a temporary pavilion situated in Kuala Lumpur constructed with bamboo and transparent plastic. Mindful of the benefit of community engagement, visitors are encouraged to share their thoughts by writing directly onto the facade.

Bamboo is a natural, non-polluting and renewable resource that can be used for structural support, drain pipes, facades, and even cladding. The plant is capable of rapid growth which decreases future risk of deforestation. Jamil’s pavilion showcases the versatility and flexibility of bamboo as a building material; a product that, with its composition of fibres, allow it to be easily cut.

All images credits: Eleena Jamil


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