Colonial Kitchens launches ‘Avola’ -

As the kitchen industry engages in a furious debate about the veracity of television presenter Kevin McCloud’s recent claim that “structurally, there’s a negligible difference in quality between the £5,000 kitchen and its £50,000 equivalent”, British manufacturer JJO has unveiled an addition to its Colonial Kitchens range that offers the look and feel of a high end German Kitchen at a mid market UK price. The doors, plus some of the components used, are the same as those specified by highly expensive, top end continental manufacturers.

‘Avola’ is offered in four popular and commercially proven colours: Avola White, Avola Grey, Avola Champagne and Avola Truffle. The highly tactile, wood grain patterned doors are lipped with matching lateral edging and can be ‘mixed and matched’ to attain a highly attractive continental look. To further enhance Avola’s continental credentials, JJO has added thirty new handle options which complement Avola’s linear styling and enable dealers to raise the price and margin matrix.

Richard Proctor, Sales and Marketing Director says “Avola offers our dealers a perfect product to convert customers who seek the Continental look but at an affordable price. There’s no denying the trend setting talents of European manufacturers, but their pricing has thus far ring fenced the market for their aesthetics with the result that only the upper echelons of customer can afford to buy into the look. Our designers comb all the continental exhibitions and continually visit suppliers across the globe. The result is a range of kitchens that visually and structurally hold their own against Europe’s best.”

Colonial Kitchens is keen to emphasise that the beauty of its products is matched by the quality. “JJO’s attention to quality is evident across all our kitchens, where only the best components are used, sourced from leading suppliers, many of who supply for kitchens that cost treble what ours do” says Richard Proctor. “Behind every door and drawer front, we use technologically advanced components to guarantee outstanding performance and offer the designer and each customer an inventory of fixtures and fittings to fully equip their kitchen with the storage solutions their family and lifestyle demands.”

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