Codelocks Introduces Front Cylinder Change

Codelocks has recently introduced a front cylinder change function to its CL5000, CL4000 heavy duty electronic locks and CL600 heavy duty mechanical lock, giving users the option to repin or replace cylinders to enable a keyed-alike facility without removing the lock.

The front cylinders on the locks can now be changed by: 1. removing the handle and cylinder, 2. turning the key 90° anticlockwise and removing the cylinder from the boss, 3. replacing the cylinder and refitting the handle. A quick and convenient solution to replace the cylinder without having to remove the lock from the door, saving on time and cost.

The new feature will benefit organisations with multiple, access restricted areas that require a keyed-alike facility in high traffic environments such as offices, schools and hospitals and provide the ability to quickly change cylinders as and when required.

The CL4000 and CL5000 medium and heavy duty electronic locks allow up to 80 user codes up to six digits long and have on-door programming via master codes. Both locks are available with either a tubular mortice latch or a mortice latch with double cylinder and anti-panic safety function. The CL5000 range is also available with a tubular mortice latch back to back.  Additional features also include one-time user codes, remote release function, automatic building alarm release and incorrect code alarms.

Traditionally code changing on a mechanical lock has required the lock to be removed from the door, however the CL600 heavy duty mechanical lock also incorporates a Quick Code system that allows on-door code changing in seconds without removal of the lock itself. The CL600 can be used as the primary lock on most doors, particularly in high traffic situations.

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