Coal: post-fuel at London Design Biennale

At this year’s London Design Biennale, Sweden exhibits Coal: post-fuel exploring a speculative future of coal. The project presents a future alternative use of coal, with the aim to give visitors the opportunity to see and think about the material differently. Designed by London-based designer, Jesper Eriksson, the exhibition exposes the material’s raw beauty, transforming it (from material often thought of as cheap and dirty), into one that resembles shiny black marble. Eriksson’s installation consists of furniture, floor and sculptural pieces all of which are solely made out of coal. The exhibition also includes a 60-page catalogue outlining an alternative future of the material, bringing a different perspective to material-use and outlining critical thoughts on coal's materiality and value. 

To view more about the installation click here

By Anna Marks. 

All image credits:  Ed Reeve

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