ClippaPlate™ for Joisted Floors

Nu-Heat is the largest supplier of warm water underfloor heating systems to the domestic market; having delivered over 20,000 fully designed underfloor systems to self builders, installers and developers nationwide. Nu-Heat also supplies ground source, air source and exhaust air heat pumps as well as solar thermal technologies, offering integrated energy-saving solutions for today’s heating engineers.

The flexibility of Nu-Heat’s Fastflo® tubing allows installation in suspended timber floors from above before the deck is laid or from below after the deck has been laid, with no additional floor height build up.  The tubing is fed through pre-notched or drilled joists and held in place with Nu-Heat aluminium ClippaPlate™, allowing the system to be fixed with a minimum of effort.  Standard insulation, purchased locally is then inserted between the joists.  This method is particularly suitable for timber-frame houses and renovations as floor decks can be laid before installation of the underfloor heating system; but it is also useful for any timber floor where there is access from below.  In all cases it provides a safer alternative to working over exposed joists. 

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