CL2255 saves lock maintenance at Worcester Royal Hospital

Upgrade and replacement of damaged mechanical digital locks at Worcester Royal Hospital has led facilities managers on site to specify the CL2255 electronic lock from Codelocks.

The CL2255 electronic codelocks have been installed on several office doors, where access is limited to staff only. They have replaced single code mechanical locks which had become increasingly problematic to service and maintain with the demands of busy departments.

Designed as a retrofit to basic common digital mechanical locks, the CL2255 has the same fixing points, making upgrade and retrofit of mechanical digital locks possible in a matter of minutes. They also allow for quick on-door code change, where previously the mechanical locks would need to be removed from the door to make a code change.

The lock also features two release terminals as standard. The first terminal can be used to open the lock from a reception desk. The second can be linked to an alarm system, which when activated by a momentary contact, will release the door for 30 minutes. This allows emergency personnel to rapidly check rooms to ensure no one has been trapped or overlooked in the case of an emergency. This feature was an added benefit for the Hospital.

The CL2255 is a medium duty electronic lock with a knob handle on both sides incorporating a mechanical key override. On entering a correct code the blue led will signal allowing entry. The lock can be put into passage mode with the key or electronically via keypad.

The lock has 15 programming functions all master code controlled and can store up to 80 different user codes.

Further information is available on the company’s website, or by calling 01635 239645 or by emailing

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