CIS Tower, Manchester

The largest commercial solar facade in Europe, and also one of the largest solar power systems in the UK, the CIS Tower incorporates 7,244 Sharp 80W modules which are used to clad the entire service tower.

The service core was previously covered in no less than 14 million one centimetre square, grey tesserae which were replaced by the 7,244 Sharp 80W modules.

This project demonstrates how solar power can be easily incorporated into any building refurbishment to provide an extremely cost effective alternative to conventional building materials.

Installer: solarcentury
Project summary:
Date commissioned: 2005
Forecast kWh generation/year: 183,000.00
Technology: Solar PV
Panel area (m2): 3972.00
Installation Type: Wall cladding
Building integrated: Yes
System size (kWp) 391.00
Forecast CO2 saving/year(kg): 103,944.00

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