Coconut husk offers circular alternate to toxic and unsustainable options

GoodHout has developed a newly engineered wood alternative/biocomposite made from 100% coconut husk waste. The Coconut Husk Board (CHB) has exceptional properties. It is a perfect example of a circular product as coconut farmers currently burn their waste husk.

CHB is made from a truly renewable source: coconut mesocarp husk waste. No trees are harvested for this wood product, simply the natural by-product of existing coconut production. The natural-grain look of CHB evokes the tropical source of the material and the warmth of a hardwood.

GoodHout’s CHB is not a traditional composite product. Due to GoodHout’s patented technology, the naturally present glues in the coconut are activated and a 100% natural, engineered wood (alternative) is produced, meaning no toxic components whatsoever.

Its exceptional properties include high-density strength, low moisture absorption, flame retardancy and the potential for 3D moulding. GoodHout CHB has tested compliant for flooring, indoor use and in moist conditions such as bathrooms and kitchens with European Standard EN622-2, belonging to the class: “Hardboard for load bearing and humid conditions

Material: Newly engineered wood alternative/biobased composite made from post-harvest coconut waste. 

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