Christmas Magic Spells More Potholes for Britain’s Roads

Now the rain has stopped, temperatures are set to plummet as the first bout of wintery weather descends over the UK. Christmas shoppers are out in force, road gritting teams are on standby, vehicle recovery services are preparing to deal with the disruption the freezing conditions will cause and councils are bracing themselves for further deterioration of the road network.

The Local Government Association has warned that bad weather and further cutbacks to its highways maintenance budget will only exacerbate the 11 year backlog of repair work being carried out. The LGA maintains 180,000 miles of local roads in England and Wales and has already had half a billion pounds deducted from its road maintenance budget over the last 2 years. It fears that the cold winter will cause serious damage to an already vulnerable infrastructure. According to the Association, repairing damaged roads is more expensive than resurfacing them and their current state of repair is posing a growing safety risk to the motorists who use them.

The government is providing over £3 billion to councils across England and Wales for road maintenance between 2011 and 2015, and whilst this contribution is welcomed, it only scratches the surface of a severely pockmarked highway.

The question begs, of the many thousands of potholes already plaguing the network, how many are refills of repairs carried out previously? The existing patch work of pothole repairs is falling apart at its seams weakening the infrastructure and exposing it to further damage.

Whilst resurfacing is the ideal solution, it isn’t a quick fix and takes longer than a patch repair. And as the road network is busier than ever before, halting its flow is not always conducive. Ultracrete, home to a range of highways maintenance products, offers the perfect solution to the pothole epidemic! Its Instant Road Repair cold lay asphalt concrete, available in 2 grades, is BBA/HAPAS approved for first time permanent repairs in footways, cycle tracks and class 3 & 4 carriageways. It offers the benefits of an instant, first time permanent repair, which when compacted, can be trafficked immediately –minimising disruption. It only requires one visit too, so no refill required, reducing financial outlay! Its HAPAS accreditation guarantees its performance and longevity. It is available in 25kg contractor friendly bags and buckets, ideal for sites where access is limited and a quick turnaround is required.

For pothole repairs in driveways, car parks and lower risk sites on roads, with a posted speed limit less than 56 mph, Ultracrete recommend their BBA/HAPAS approved Permanent Pothole Repair. It provides a long term solution for reactive and planned maintenance and is the proven choice for local authorities nationwide. It can be opened to traffic instantly and offers a durable repair with a PSV of 60>. It is currently sold in 25kg buckets with a 25kg poly bagged version available end of January 2013.

Ultracrete’s cold lay asphalt materials can be used in all weathers, so work doesn’t have to stop because the cold weather has arrived. It has been specially formulated to include fully graded, high PSV interlocking aggregate, specially prepared bitumen and the latest in industry technology to ensure strong flexibility and guarantee the best product performance. Its versatility allows for a rapid repair thus helping to maintain a safer road. It won’t disintegrate, so until such a time arises for a full resurface, the patch work will remain intact!

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