Illusory architectural installations by Chris Engman

Los Angeles-based designer Chris Engman fabricates reality by forging huge photographic art pieces into interior spaces. 

Engman merges the indoors with the outdoors to create architectural installations which refer to the power people invest in photographs to tell the truth about the world and the state of the environment. By capturing images of waterfalls, deserts and clouds among other natural structures, Engman fuses the surreal with the natural whilst exploring architectural containment.  

Engman initially creates a mass of photographic imagery which he splits into over 300 images per installation. These smaller images are used to cover the flooring, walls, ceiling and windows of a singular room. Once the installations have been completed Engman photographs the space from a single vantage point. Engman’s work explores the conflicting interrelationship between the urban landscape and natural world, and showcases humanity's desire for adventure yet appreciation of safety and comfort. 

To view more of Engman's work, visit his website

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