Checkerboard facade gets support from Eurofox engineering

Checkerboard facade gets support from Eurofox engineering For the creation of a new student accommodation building, architects wanted to create a building that provided visual impact. To help achieve this, they designed a checkerboard facade that features an ambitious mix of four different cladding products. To hold the different cladding systems in place a support system from Eurofox Engineering was chosen.

Located on the main A1 running through Islington, London, Derwent Point features 136 studio apartments plus retail and commercial space at ground floor level. Designed by architects Church Lukas to achieve BREEAM ‘Excellent’, the building, which incorporates 20% on-site renewable energy, has been built by main contractor Galliford Try with specialist contractor Oskomera tasked with installing the complex facade. The mix of cladding includes an FRP composite panel from Steni UK, high pressure laminate (HPL) panels from Trespa and a stone cladding system. For architectural interest Chromatics RS, an innovative opaque glass cladding from Cladding Solutions, was specified. This was used to create a reflective strip that runs up one elevation of the building and round part of the top. Specified in black, it creates a reflective contrast between the biscuit and white colour of the rest of the building facade.

To hold the Chromatics RS system in place without detracting from its clean architectural lines, the Eurofox Engineering cladding support system was used in conjunction with an innovative secret fix adhesive system from Sika. Together< the two systems - both of which are BBA (British Board of Accreditation) approved - have enabled the opaque glass to be held securely in place without any noticeable fixings or support mechanism.

Eurofox Engineering produces a range of aluminium cladding support systems, suitable for both visible and secret fix. Available from stock and supplied cut to size, the company’s systems enable an efficient method of fixing a variety of cladding types, for this reason, the system was chosen for the fixing of all of the different cladding products at Derwent Point.

Whilst some of the cladding was secured using mechanical fixings, SikaTack Panel Adhesive from Sika was used for bonding the Chromatics RS, the Stenni mineral cladding and some of the Trespa cladding. A revolutionary elastic bonding system, it requires no screws or brackets, instead using advanced elastic bonding technology to adhere cladding panels to the support system. Eurofox Engineering offers a variety of cladding support systems, suitable for a wide range of different cladding types and offering different fixing methods. Its MacFox vertical cladding bracket and rail system uses a series of MacFox Helping Hand brackets allowing for the lining and levelling and final adjustment prior to installation of the cladding elements. The Eurofox MUH system is a combination of a MacFox bracket and Uni carrier enabling the easy application of timber battens onto which timber cladding can be fixed. The MTK system allows cladding to be secret fixed to the building using the advanced structural adhesive, SikaTack Panel Adhesive. With its stunning checkerboard design held securely in place with the Eurofox Engineering, Derwent Point is a shining – and in part reflective – example of what can be achieved by mixing different cladding systems.

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