Chartered Institute of Highways & Transportation Welcomes Instarmac

Sarah Rose, Marketing Manager, Instarmac Group plc:
“Raising the profile of proven highway maintenance products has long been a keen strategy for Instarmac, through our renowned highways brand – Ultracrete.

“We have all seen the many recent transportation and industry reports covering the scale of the disintegration of our road network – from potholes, to under-funding, to increased lane rental charges, alongside health and safety.

“As a long-time advocator of right first time solutions, as discussed in these published reports, our Ultracrete brand has been investing in such solutions for over 35 years.

“It is this knowledge and experience that has led to a decision to become a Corporate Partner of the CIHT (Chartered Institute of Highways & Transportation), who also promote the deliverance of best practice throughout the highways industry through learning, influence and support.

“The CIHT are a voice for the profession and as such make the perfect partner for Instarmac, who wish to continue to develop innovative maintenance solutions for our highways.

“As well as repair solutions, Instarmac is now investing in preserving the life of our roads.  As an experienced provider of pothole repair, manhole reinstatement and refurbishment materials, we feel a moral obligation to invest into preventing such repair plagues in the future.

“This has led to our partnership with ASI plc, jointly promoting the long-term advantages of road surface preservation at the early stages of road life – before degradation.

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