Changes to Building Regs

What is the change?


From the 1st October 2013 amendments to Approved Document A came into effect. The principle change is the Building Regulations now reference the Eurocodes, BS EN 1991 series of standards instead of the BS 6399 series of standards.


What does this mean?


For single occupancy residential properties where no higher floor loading is specified BS6399-1 set a floor loading of 1.5KN/m2 uniformly distributed load and a concentrated load of 1.4KN. In the National Annex for BS EN 1991-1-1 the Uniformly Distributed Load remains the same at 1.5KN/m2 but the concentrated load increases to 2.0KN. For a typical walk-on rooflight or glass floor this has the effect of requiring the glass to be a minimum of 25.5mm toughened laminate instead of 21.5mm toughened laminate.


How will it affect me?


For work started before 1 October 2013, or to work subject to a building notice, full plans application or initial notice submitted before the 1 October 2013 the lower loadings from BS6399-1 will still apply. Otherwise the higher loadings stipulated by BS EN 1991-1-1 will apply.

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