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Change is inevitable, in all areas of life we frequently experience change, it is the key driver which helps us to develop, learn and move on. Take fashion for instance, the key element of fashion is to consistently evolve, using the latest styles and trends. At Damixa we have taken this concept and have applied it to a selection of our product ranges.

The new ground-breaking X-change system from Damixa allows you to change your bathroom and kitchen fittings as easily as changing your socks! With exactly the same simplicity as changing the cover of a mobile phone, your kitchen and bathroom fittings can be changed in the same amount of time, with the same amount of ease. It is so simple that anyone can do it – from aged 5 + .

The first-fix installation is no different to any normal installation, but once this has been carried out, the rest is quite literally in your hands.

The benefits of the X-change system are simply endless. Hotels would be able to prevent loss of revenue on rooms when the tap or shower fittings stop working or are in need of replacement. Contractors and Specifiers will love this new initiative, as this system will, in turn, save money on maintenance costs, and House Builders can offer their customers an individual service offering updated styles and designs to homeowners.

X-change from Damixa, the fashionable alternative! Further product information on the Damixa product range is available by visiting our Website:

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